Susan Berliner
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Susan Berliner is the author of the supernatural thrillers DUST, Peachwood Lake, The Disappearance. Corsonia, the short story collection, The Sea Crystal and
Other Weird Tales,
and the new dystopian novel, After the Bubbles. Here is an excerpt from each book:

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by Susan Berliner

"So the dust can strike at any time," Jerry continued. "You saw it at twilight and evening. We both saw it in the middle of the night, and yesterday it showed up in the afternoon."

"The dust's picked up and thrown a porcelain figurine, a watch, a baseball, and scariest of all, a person...Marion." Karen's eyes teared when she mentioned her neighbor's name.


"So all we have to do is find a way to stop something that can appear and kill us at any time, with no warning," Jerry said. "Sounds easy enough."


Karen shook her head and sighed.

Peachwood Lake
by Susan Berliner

"It was really weird," Kady said. "At first I heard some kind of strange noise...I think Mr. Urloch was fighting with a fish in the boat."

"What do you mean 'fighting with a fish'? Was the fish so big that the man was struggling to get it off his pole?"

"No. That's not what happened." She spoke quietly and gazed at the ground. "I think this fish jumped into his boat. Then it was biting his neck."

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The Disappearance
The Disappearance - Cover by Susan Berliner

"Ryan," she whispered, nodding her head. That's how he escaped. He wasn't hiding in some faraway hotel room; he was holed up somewhere in the past. And the key element wasn't where he was. It was when.

Maybe he was living in the same time she was in now, just one day behind. But he could also be hiding at another time in the past...And if the time Ryan was in differed by just a mere second, she might never be able to find him. "What a mess," she whispered, taking a sip of water.

Quickly, Jillian put down the bottle. Right now, Ryan wasn't her main problem. What about her? Was she stuck here, trapped forever in the wrong time?

by Susan Berliner
                                                                                                               Corsonia cover
"Didn't the guy there say not to drink the water?"

"Yeah. What's the matter with it?"

The man shrugged. "I got no idea. But no one can
drink that water unless they live in that town and
the people there are real weird. They do their own

"He talked funny and didn't look at us," Tracie said,

"We call Corsonia, 'Hippy Town.' Them people all live
together and don't have nothin' to do with any other
folks. The men all got long hair and beards. It's like
the communes that they used to have back in the
sixties--flower power, drugs, and that kind of thing.
Probably share wives and kids too. We're right near
the Utah border so that sort of stuff happens."

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The Sea Crystal and Other Weird Tales
The Sea Crystal coverby Susan Berliner

(from "Mirror Image")

Neal entered the bathroom apprehensively, even brushing his teeth without looking at the mirror. But then he felt foolish. Scared of my own reflection? Cautiously, he raised his head and examined his face. The reflection looked okay.

"Boo!" he whispered.

The mirror mouthed the word.

Neal smiled and took a deep breath. Everything was fine. He figured he must have been more exhausted yesterday than he'd realized. Maybe Mom was right...

As he watched, the face in the mirror shook its head. "No," the reflected image mouthed, lips moving silently.

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You Can't Be Serious:
An inner-city teacher a-muses about school and life 

by Larry Berliner   

One day, I was assigned to cover an absent colleague's eighth grade English class. As my temporary charges worked on word puzzle sheets, I noticed a crude statue of Shakespeare in the back of the room.

"Are you reading Shakespeare?" I asked the puzzle solvers in the first row.

"Yes, we just started last week," a helpful voice volunteered.

"Which one?" I continued.


I should have known.

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After the Bubbles
Book One of The Touchers

by Susan Berliner

"And then I found this, which is supposed to be from Mexico, if it's true..."

The screen showed a little baby in a busy city street. The baby was lying on top of a woman, maybe its mother, who had collapsed, and it seemed to be crying. Its mouth was open—but there was no sound with this picture so you couldn't hear anything. Around the baby, piled up on the floor, were about twenty people, all of them in crumpled positions, and all of them looked like they were dead.

"What do you think happened?" Mom asked me.

"I think a bubble landed on this baby and now lots of people want to help it, but whoever touches the baby just falls down and dies."

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