Susan Berliner
Welcome to my weird world!


The events below relate to Susan Berliner, author of the supernatural thrillers "DUST,"
  "Peachwood Lake,""The Disappearance," "Corsonia," the short story collection,
"The Sea Crystal
and Other Weird Tales," and the new dystopian series, The Touchers:
"After the Bubbles"
and "Soldier Girl." 

Here are my upcoming summer events:

Sunset Markets
Thursday, June 27, Thursday, July 25 & Thursday, August 29
5 pm - 8:30 pm
Jeffferson Valley Mall
600 Lee Boulevard
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

*            *            *
On June 8, I showcased my books at Festival at the Falls, a town-wide
event in Wappingers Falls, NY. For a change, it was a beautiful sunny day.
Here are a few photos:

Wappingers Fall Fest 6-19 Table
 I shared a table near the Grinnell Library with author Larry Berliner. Luckily, a
nearby maple tree gave us some shade on the hot day.
Wappingers Fall Festival - Paul
Paul's daughter, Paula, purchased The Sea Crystal and Other Weird Tales
as an early Father's Day present.
Wappingers Fest 6-19 Mary and Steve
Mary and Steve chose a signed copy of my mind-control thriller, Corsonia.
Wappingers Festival 6-19 Debbie
Debbie enjoys reading mysteries so she selected my time travel thriller,
The Disappearance.

*            *            *

On June 2, I participated in a Father's Day/Elks Club Fundraiser with Larry Berliner
at the Yorktown (NY) Elks Club. It was a small venue, off the main road,
and unfortunately very few people attended. Here come the photos:
Elks Club table  6-19
We had a large table--lots of room for our books--against the wall
  so I was able to hang my banner under the Elks' certificates.
Elks Linda 6-1
When Linda, a fellow vendor, discovered Larry and I wrote the books,
 she wanted signed copies of The Sea Crystal and Other Weird Tales
and Larry's award-winning funny book, You Can't Be Serious:
An inner-city teacher a-muses about school and life.