After the Bubbles

Reviews - After the Bubbles

"I absolutely LOVED this book!!! I was sorry to get to the ending. Great ending, by the way. The story is so original. Lots of surprises. So suspenseful. I hope that there will be a sequel. I highly recommend it especially if you love science fiction. Thankfully it's not a true story, but I kept thinking--what if.

S. Zajicek, Cortlandt Manor, NY

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"I've been a fan of Ms. Berliner's novels since her first published one, 'Dust.' Each one delivers satisfaction and includes superb characterization, description, and dialogue. In 'After the Bubbles' she has woven a beautifully horrific concept with everyday natural people's situations and with everyday events. She masterfully portrays her character's moods, thoughts, feelings, interactions and needs while they're ensconced in a situation of nightmare proportions."

L. Commodore, North Bellmore, NY

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"After the Bubbles is a great suspenseful story that holds the reader's interest throughout. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next to the characters and would they be able to defeat the monsters called The Touchers? I can't wait for the sequel book to find out what happens next."

R. Munroe, North Haven, CT

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"This book was very suspenseful - a good read. I'm waiting now to read the second book in the series to see what happens next. I hope the author comes up with it soon!"

C. Lustig, League City, TX

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"People are afraid to leave their homes (sound familiar?) because of the yellow zombie-like monsters roaming the streets. Today's world makes this book even scarier-if that's possible. Can't wait to read the sequel 'Soldier Girl'!"

R. Martinez, Newburgh, NY

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"Unique science fiction flair with feisty characters! A quiet town is disrupted by floating bubbles that transform people into zombie-like creatures with a deadly secret – they can kill merely by touch. This twist provided a spine-chilling effect, sort of like a game of tag where you are no longer 'it,' but 'dead.'...AFTER THE BUBBLES is written in a slightly different style than the author’s other books. It has a slightly YA flair to it, yet it will appeal to readers of all ages...The cover states that this story is 'Book One' so I know there is more action to come in the future. I will definitely be looking for the second book in the series to find out what happened!"

M. Nail, Gimmethatbook