Reviews - Corsonia

"Corsonia is a fascinating book with a unique spin on mind control. I could not put this book down, and read it all in one sitting. I love Susan Berliner's ability to draw you right into the story. I have always been fascinated with ghost towns. Corsonia seems to be a ghost town, even with the people that are there, yet not..."

D. Fitzpatrick, Syracuse, NY

* * *

"Susan Berliner's latest book held my interest from beginning to end. The concept behind the story is believable and scary and you get totally involved with the characters and the plot. I found myself thinking about the book even after I finished it. The author also adds a little "surprise" at the very end which can really unnerve you."

C. Lustig, League City, TX

* * *

"Susan Berliner does it again! Rich imagination. Vivid imagery. Superb characterizations. Snappy dialogue, capturing very believable conversations between two teenage girls/best friends. So many twists and turns, it kept me wanting to read more, and I resented having to put it down for silly things like making dinner and bathing!"

L. Commodore, North Bellmore, NY

* * *

"Started Corsonia this evening, couldn't put it down until I finished it! Loved it! Keep 'em coming!"

J. Combs, Buckhorn, KY

* * *

"I finished reading Corsonia last night. I won't say it gave me nightmares, but my dreams were a bit more disturbing than usual! It was a great read, and gives the reader pause and makes you start thinking...could this actually happen? Not sure I ever want to find out!"

J. Barnes, Gloversville, NY

* * *

"Loved Corsonia - couldn't put it down. Usually a fan of sappy love stories but I think I may be on to something different...So glad I took the chance!"

M. Jorge, Yorktown Heights, NY

* * *

"I literally couldn't put this book down...I kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen at the end."
J. Turner, Fishkill, NY
                                       * * *
"This fast-paced YA sci-fi a fun romp and quite a page-turner. And if you tend to get bogged down in dense descriptive passages, you’ll appreciate this novel’s dialogue-heavy narrative."
E. Perratore, Mount Kisco, NY

                                        * * *

"...I enjoyed very much how the main characters were portrayed as strong women with character and intent, not ditzy females clamoring about boys and makeup...Their relationship is solid and their teenage dialogue reflects close friends, complete with eye rolling and awareness of what the other will do in any given situation...The strength of the book is the tenacity and nerve of the lead characters. They are good role models, as girls who have the courage and desire to help those less fortunate."

M. Nail, Gimmethatbook