Doing the Write Thing

Reviews - Doing the Write Thing

"This book is very different from Susan Berliner's previous novels in that she tells stories from her life rather than imaginative weird things (although, life events can also be pretty weird). I grew up in the Bronx like Susan and enjoyed reading about places I've been to. I found the stories of her life as a journalist interesting, especially reading about how she was an early activist for equal rights for women sports writers. All in all, a very enjoyable read."
C. Lustig, League City, TX

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"Have read many of Susan Berliner's books and have enjoyed them all. This one was so interesting and [she] shared her life with everyone...Great read!"
M. Smith, Fishkill, NY

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"Really enjoyed the look back at growing up in the Bronx and living in Westchester County. Fascinating insight from a young girl to grown up perspective. It was interesting that the author could keep a diary and after a period of time still have it in her possession."
M. Weinstock, Irvine, CA
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"An interesting review of someone's life, filled with the type of scenarios most of us go through, in one form or another...Overall, an enjoyable read."
P. Canion, Kingston, NY
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"I really loved this book! Her memories from her childhood to her adult life are intriguing and are told with a laid-back sense of humor. I especially enjoyed “Growing Up W” and “When Susan Met Harriet.”
R. Martinez, Newburgh, NY
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"I have read all of Susan Berliner's books - love them all - and it was really interesting to learn about her life and background. Growing up W was really interesting, the dating escapades, and looking behind the scenes of a reporter- particularly the sports reporting and what she had to go through. Can't wait for the next science fiction book or short story collection!"
M. Rhoades, Hopewell Junction, NY