George's Mother...

Reviews - George's Mother and Other Weird Stories

"LOVED IT! A little twilight zone, a little RL Stine. But also totally original! I appreciated that the endings were not predictable. Totally fun read. I am sharing with my teenage daughters."

A.L.M. Iverson, Atlanta, GA

* * *

"There's something appealing for everyone, young and old. For me, it brought back memories of Twilight Zone and Hitchcock. A great read. It's fast paced and a great escape from the crazy, twisted world we are living in now."

L. Spinardo, Deer Park, NY

* * *

"Great Book!...The stories are amazing and the characters are interesting. Of course I jumped to George’s Mother first and then went back to the beginning. I will definitely be buying more of Susan’s books!"

S. Glover, Atlanta, GA

* * *

"Stories remind me of the Twilight Zone tv series. Always an interesting twist. George's Mother kept me wrapped up in the story. Could not put it down. My favorites: George's Mother, The Girl In Apartment 5C, Wrong Road and The Key."

M. Weinstock, San Clemente, CA

* * *

"Enjoyable read. Reminds me of the twilight zone."

A. Ferrer, Wappingers Falls, NY

* * *

"I really enjoyed all the short stories in this book! Each one was fast paced and very creatively written. Would highly recommend this book for a quick, plot driven and fun read!"

J. Gordon, Plainview, NY

* * *

"These stories are definitely weird and thoroughly engrossing. Twists and turns all along the way! 'The Key' was my favorite!"

R. Martinez, Newburgh, NY