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Reviews (You Can't Be Serious)


"Unbelievably hysterical!!! Mr. Berliner chronicles his life's experiences from his many years of teaching to his pet peeves and inner thoughts about the various people who populate his a very witty and subtle (sometimes not so subtle) way that we all can relate to on a variety of levels. Thoroughly enjoyable read!! Thanks for the laughs!"

L. Commodore, North Bellmore, NY

*   *   *

"A splendid discovery! A truly special book. Mr. Berliner dives into and delicately handles the hilarity, gravity and importance of teaching and shaping young minds with a wonderful perspective and glorious wit. Thoughtful and insightful at every turn, frequently hilarious and often heartwarming, there are many elements in these words that we can all find ourselves reflected in...Highly recommend to anybody with a laugh or a pulse (though preferably equipped with both.)"

C. Bemis, Shenorock, NY

*   *   *

"EXCELLENT. I must say I have never laughed out loud while reading a book as I did reading this one. So many every day occurrences he hit right on the spot. A must read."

M. Smith, Fishkill, NY

*   *   *

"This was an extremely enjoyable book. I love to read after everyone's asleep. Woke my husband up several times because I was laughing too loud. If you want to save your marriage don't read this book next to your sleeping spouse. Mr. Berliner has a wonderful sense of humor."

S. Zajicek, Ossining, NY

*   *   *

"To emerge from 33 years of teaching the most challenging students under the most difficult conditions, and have moved the needle in the right direction for so many of them, took an obvious mix of determination and irreverence, as well as keen insights into the human condition...the layer of limitless laughs reflects an uncanny ability to capture humor where others might only see despair. The style is a sort of Lewis Black/Rodney Dangerfield hybrid - a relentless stream of life's lessons delivered with a laugh-a-minute pace."

H. Kassoff, Columbia, MD

*   *   *

"This new author has a lot to say.........and it's all a riot! He writes about his experiences in the R.O.T.C.; Life as a teacher; vacations and the everyday occurrences that drive him mad. And all of it will make you laugh. He sees the humor in every encounter: with children, parents, military sergeants, doctors, family and many more. You will find the book difficult to put down."

L. Dorfman, Jericho, NY

*   *   *

"I put down my copy of FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS and picked up Berliner's short comic book of essays, because I needed a good laugh. First let me say Berliner is a lot funnier then Hemingway. Secondly he is a lot funnier then many of the people who try and write funny. Thirdly I really laughed out loud at several of his essays. If you need a chuckle or two or three or four, pick up this book and buy it."

S. Hanner, Somers, NY

*   *   *

"I really liked this book. It made me laugh throughout. The author used a lot of self deprecating humor about his life experiences which I found to be very amusing. A great read."

S. Gibbs, Beacon, NY

*   *   *

"This book IS laugh-out loud funny!...Do yourself a favor and order this book. Great escapism!"

R. Cicola, Yorktown Heights, NY

*   *   *

"A great book! The author's witty observations on the absurdity of ROTC training, teaching in inner-city classrooms and the state of contemporary spoken English made this book hard to put down. Very entertaining and probably the funniest book that I've read in years. Highly recommended!"

K. Rudiger, Poughkeepsie, NY

*   *   *

"It was a delightful read! I enjoyed many laugh out loud moments at Larry's witty reflections on a wide array of topics. It was Welcome Back, Kotter on steroids funny and then on to cell phones, call waiting, vacations and much more."

N. Matthews, U.S.