You Can't Be Serious

You Can't Be Serious:
An inner-city teacher a-muses about school and life

by Larry Berliner


It's taken me more than ten years to write this book. I wrote it and rewrote it until I was happy. Now it's your turn to be happy – and you only have to read it once. Afterwards, I think you'll agree:

You can't be serious!

Read about...

* an unorthodox teaching career featuring carnivorous students,  unruly parents – and Goldberg.

* a misguided ROTC cadet who valiantly captured the wrong hill.

* the decline and fall of daily conversation – and stuff like that.

* how the cell phone has become our weapon of choice.

* the naked truth about family vacations. (Do you prefer bare or bear?)

* why yoga's Downward Dog may leave you barking up the wrong tree.

* how the Marlboro Man morphed into E.D. Man.

* some questionable medical breakthroughs – As Seen on TV.

But wait, there's more!